Monday, October 11, 2010

Aladdin Halloween Costumes

Halloween last year was sort of "lost" a bit for our family since we had recently moved to a new house in a new town (we moved the 7th of September, 2009). I had wanted to make an Abu costume from Disney's "Aladdin" for our youngest (a son), but I knew I didn't have the time to devote to it. This year, I figured it would be my last chance to get the Abu costume done for him while he was so little.

I love to have all of our family match, so that meant I would also want to create costumes for the rest of the family to match the "Aladdin" theme our youngest would have. I decided since my youngest is going to be Abu, my husband should be Aladdin, which meant that I would be Jasmine. I chose Genie for our oldest (a son).

I knew our daughter wouldn't want to be anything other than the Princess, so I made a Jasmine costume for her as well, but I made a different outfit (the one Jasmine wears at the very end of the movie).

I'm not 100% finished, I have to make some "shoes", but other than that, I'm pretty much ready for Halloween!

Here is the fabric, laid out by costume, cut out and ready to be sewn:

My oldest son wanted his picture taken when I was test fitting the [incomplete] Genie on him:

The finished Jasmine for my daughter, and Abu for my youngest son:

The Genie costume for my oldest son:

The Aladdin costume for my husband and my Jasmine costume:

I'll be sure to post pictures of us wearing them on Halloween.