Monday, March 17, 2008

AT-AT Driver/Pilot Coveralls

My latest [finally finished] project is an AT-AT driver coverall. The coveralls that were used throughout the original Star Wars trilogy are all basically the same. The pockets vary slightly, some have flat pocket flaps, some have pointed pocket flaps. Some have an extra set of leg pockets. Some costume/Star Wars enthusiasts speculate that the original coveralls used in the movies were race car driver coveralls, which seems to be the closest theory I've heard.

There are no patterns that match the costume completely, so a lot of alterations had to be made to a purchased pattern from Kwik Sew.

Many thanks go to Leia Costuming for the information about the pockets and seams that are on the X-wing pilot coverall. This information was very helpful in making the AT-AT driver coverall as well. I also gleaned useful information from, thanks for the excellent Imperial coverall reference images. Echo Base was my source, thank-you, for the pocket patterns. Kim was also a help with her tips that she posted on the Midwest Base Rebel Legion forum.



Right Arm Pocket

Left Arm Pockets

From what I could tell, the "com pad" pocket on the left arm of the AT-AT driver coverall is slightly different than the ones on the X-wing pilot coveralls. The window in the center seems to be smaller and more centered than the X-wing version. Other than that, the pockets are nearly similar. The difference being in the leg pockets. The AT-AT version has two flapped pockets with pointed flaps while the X-wing version has 4 flapped pockets with flat flaps. Some other Imperial coveralls have a pointed flap on the right arm pocket. As near as I can tell, all Rebel coveralls have flat pocket flaps. The Imperial pocket flaps vary.

The AT-AT coverall that I sewed is made from Rodeo Poplin in "Grey Morn". It is closed with a zipper up the front and white Velcro fasteners at the collar, cuffs, and pocket flaps. It was made in a altered-to-fit 2XL.