Monday, August 13, 2012

The past year???

Wow, I have been so busy, I haven't taken time to post anything in over a year!  I have been sewing, and creating art, I have also been doing a lot of reborning

Let's see...what have I been up to the past year...

I created a [Classic] Battlestar Galactica bridge blue uniform/dress uniform for my husband in May 2011.  I also created a tan Warrior tunic and pants set for a customer at the same time.

I created two snow speeder pilot jackets and soft helmets

I made a Jedi tunic, tabbards, and obi

I made 4 X-wing flight suits

I just completed another set of snow speeder pilot soft helmets, but I think I was in such a rush to mail them out (he leaves for Star Wars Celebration VI at the end of this week) I forgot to take pictures.

I also made my favorite gown from the movie "Titanic": Rose's boarding gown.  I had been wanting to re-create this gown since 1998 and I've had the fabric for it since about 2007.  I figured the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage/sinking of Titanic would be the perfect time to create it.  I was going to go to the "Titanic Artifacts Exhibit" at the Henry Ford Museum July 28th, 2012 so I decided to try to get my outfit finished by then.  I made a 1910s corset to go under it in about a week (my first ever attempt at a corset).

I didn't have time to make a slip, but one I had seemed "Edwardian enough", so I used that.  Then, the following week, I set out to alter the patterns I had picked up to create my skirt and jacket.  I didn't get the tie or blouse finished, so I just used stand-ins (the tie is from my "MIB" costume!).  I did create my own broach/tie tack.  I purchased accurate earrings from Karen's Romance on eBay (well, accurate except I got the pierced version rather than the clip on like Kate wears in the movie).  The hat is too small, but it was a stand in until I can afford a more expensive Kentucky Derby style hat.  My Mom gave me this one, but it was red, so I spray painted it purple.  I got the bow fabric from eBay.  I plan to upgrade my gloves to real kid leather and I want to include a parasol as well.

Here are pictures of me from the museum:

I also paid for the souvenir photograph that was taken of me inside the exhibit standing on the full-scale replica of the Grand Staircase (it was much more gorgeous in person, the picture doesn't do it justice).

I am slated to start working on a couple toddler reborn dolls for my Mom and then I'll be finishing a black TIE pilot flak vest.  Then, it's on to a reborn of Jack Dawson from the movie "Titanic" (if you'd like to see that when it is finished, hopefully sometime in September, you can visit my reborn blog.)  I also have a full Jedi costume in the "queue".  So, I'll be busy for some time!