Thursday, January 21, 2010


I haven't had much time to download pictures, but I thought I'd share this one. I'm working on 3 X-wing flight suits at once. One is a commission, one is for my husband, and one is for me (at long last, I'm finally working on ours!). I'm doing all the "steps" in the process of the three suits all at the same time. I've just completed what I call "prep-work".

Before I can sew the suits together I need to measure, mark, fold under, pin, & press all the edges of the pockets, and also double top-stitch the tops of all the pockets. 5 of the pockets have flaps, so I also need to measure and mark for the Velcro and sew the Velcro in place, then sew the two pieces of the flap together, turn, press, and double top-stitch. One of the pockets called a "comm pad pocket" has a rectangular window that also needs to be top-stitched.

Along with the pockets, I also have some prep-work that needed doing for the collars and sleeve cuffs, which require Velcro as well. So, I had to mark placement, sew on Velcro, and then sew the two pieces of each of those elements as well.

For 3 flight suits, that's 33 pockets, 15 flaps, 6 sleeve cuffs, and 3 collars! NOW I can actually begin to sew the flight suits!

Here are the finished pockets, ready to be sewn to the flight suits (I've marked each person's pieces with a different color safety pin, since they're all custom made to the wearer, I don't want to miss-match pieces!)

Hoth Rebel Snow Speeder Pilot Jacket Studies

A little over a year ago, I started collecting all the information I could about the jackets worn by the Rebel Snow speeder pilots in "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". I was intending to use them for my own use, but there are several people who are also highly interested in this jacket so I decided I would compile the images I've collected into a blog post to share. I cannot remember where I have gleaned all of these images. I do remember that the majority of the detail shots and screen shots of the actual jackets as seen in "Empire" have come from Darth Lars, who has a wonderful jacket tutorial up in the Pilots forum of the Rebel Legion.

Here are images of Luke and various Rebel pilots wearing the jacket in the movie:

Posed shots:

Behind the scenes shot:

Here is the original Ceremonial jacket from "Star Wars: A New Hope" which is similar, but different:

I cannot remember where I found these online, or even which show/movie these images are taken from [*Edit: I believe they are from the TV show "Space: 1999"], but it was noted that these are the same or similar jackets as what was used in "Empire" :

Obviously, if they are the same jacket, the "Empire" versions have been altered. I do believe the base of the Hoth Snow speeder jacket was some sort of "off the shelf" jacket from the late 1970's that had been altered slightly, which was quite common for the first 3 Star Wars movies.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Attack of the Clones Anakin

My latest [finished] commission is an Attack of the Clones Anakin Skywalker. I've actually had it finished for a while, but haven't posted pictures.

This is the movie version:

This is my version (Note that I did not make the leather tabbards, only the fabric ones.):