Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Clone Wars Anakin

My latest commission project that I was able to complete is a Clone Wars [animated] Anakin costume. This one didn't take me long at all, which was perfect because I wanted to finish well before Christmas and I was able to do just that.

The costume has an under tunic in maroon and a surcoat in medium/dark grey. The Maroon is a cotton/poly blend and the grey is a flannel, both of which my client picked out and purchased himself. I think the flannel looks perfect for the surcoat, the sheen of it matches with the computer generated "fabric" really well.

This is what the costume is based off of:

Image property of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Here are some finished pictures of the costume:
*Note: The pictures were taken in front of a window with a lot of snow as a backdrop. As a result, the fabric color got a bit "washed out"

Front view

Front [3/4] view

Side view
(My client requested that I add fuzzy Velcro to the sleeves for the shoulder bells [part of the armor of the costume] to attach to later.)

Back view

Front view with belt
(I put my own Jedi belt on the dress form to help give the costume some shape. This costume definitely needs the belt to make it look just right)

Back view with belt

Monday, December 22, 2008

X-wing Flight Suit

One of my latest finished commissions is a X-wing flight suit. I did my best to research the actual screen-used costumes so that I could reproduce a faithful replica. This is a XXXL, custom fit to the client. Here are pictures of the finished suit:

Front View

Side view, right sleeve

Back view

Side view, left sleeve

Closeup of right sleeve pocket

Closeup of left sleeve pockets

Closeup of sleeve cuff, closed

Closeup of sleeve cuff, open (the original costumes used black Velcro, so I was sure to recreate that)

Closeup of front, upper torso

Closeup of front, lower torso

Closeup of front, upper torso, zipper partially open

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here is a quick drawing I did for our Christmas cards this year. I wanted a picture of a newborn that wasn't crying, suckling, or sleeping...which, it turns out, is hard to come by! I finally found one in a magazine (I didn't want to use an image of one of my own kids, that just seems weird to me). This is what I came up with:

Here's wishing everyone a safe and joyous Christmas holiday & may the new year be even better than the last! God bless!