Sunday, March 22, 2009

Padme Aqua Georgette Update

I am so very close to being finished with my Padme aqua georgette gown that I was able to wear it for the first time last night (3-21-09) at an event! My city's hockey team has a Star Wars night every year, and we (the Midwest Base of the Rebel Legion & Great Lakes Garrisson of the 501st Legion) help raise money for the Grand Rapids Griffin's youth foundation. So, my aqua georgette gown made it's debut at the Grand Rapids Griffin's Star Wars night.

I had some pictures taken in front of the photo booth green screen when there was a lull in activity:

I still have a bit of embroidery to do on the front, near the hem of the gown, as well as the back drape.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Padme Mustafar Update

I decided to go ahead and start working on my Mustafar outfit even though I am not 100% finished with my aqua georgette gown yet. The work I need to do on the aqua georgette is evening, sitting on the couch, after the kids are in bed work and the things I can do on the Mustafar outfit can be done while the kids are up.

So, last week I began laying out the pattern for the top and creating a mock-up to test for fit. After a bit of altering, I finally had the pattern ready. I have the top 100% complete now with the exception of sewing snaps onto the neckline and collar to attach the collar. The movie-used costume has an invisible zipper up the back and a removable collar held in place with magnets (of all things!). I didn't want to spend the money on magnets, so I'll be using large snaps.

Here are some progress pictures:

Front, no collar.

Back, no collar.

Front, with collar.

3/4 front with collar.

Close up of front.

Front seam detail.

Back seam detail.

Closeup of front with collar.

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Padme Aqua Georgette Gown Update

Here's another update on my Padme Aqua Georgette Gown. I haven't done any more embroidery on the gown itself, though I did attach hooks & eyes to the back of the gown and the drape so that the back drape could be worn on the gown (regardless of the fact I haven't embroidered anything on the drape yet). I have been focusing most of my attention on the sleeves (gauntlets). I also have the headband finished!

Below are several progress pictures.

After the embroidery was finished on the sleeves, I started adding the shells and beads.

Closeup of the embroidery on the sleeves.

Adding the shells and beads to the top of the sleeves. (Flash off)

Adding shells and beads to the tops of the sleeves. (Flash on)

Sleeve detail showing the "V" shaped inset. I included an opening, since I believe the original may have had some sort of opening here to allow for easier dressing.

Sleeve detail showing "V" inset.

Headband after painting.

Headband after painting.

Headband complete.

Headband complete.

Gown front, with drape attached.

Gown side, with drape attached.

Gown side, drape attached.

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