Saturday, February 28, 2009

Padme Taupe Sleevless Mustafar Outfit

I know, I'm costume obsessed, but I can't help wanting to do another pregnant Padme costume now that I am pregnant again myself. I've been wanting to do the sleeveless "action" outfit seen on Mustafar in "Star Wars: Episode 3" for quite some time.

Image of the actual costume as worn by Natalie Portman.
Image thanks to Padawan's Guide

Recently, I was browsing through JoAnn Fabric's selection in the Red Tag section during a 50% off clearance sale and noticed fabric that would work for the tunic and the pants for this costume. I had recently gotten paid for a commission, and there were no obviously pressing needs for the money, so my husband allowed me to purchase the fabric.

Since then, I have taken the money I got for my birthday from my parents and father-in-law and purchased a nice cosplay wig from an eBay store.

Wig side view, after I styled it.

Wig back view, after I styled it.

Here's a screen capture of the movie showing the back view of the costume, as reference. Notice how long the braid is! There was no way my own hair would pass, so I needed a wig.
Image thanks to Fit For a Queen.

I plan to make the broach and "buckle" out of Sculpey and the leather straps out of some pleather I already have. I got a couple maternity patterns on sale to use as a base for constructing my own pattern. As soon as I finish my Padme aqua georgette gown, I'll start on this one. I admit, I'm getting anxious to start on it! :)