Monday, February 16, 2009

Padme Aqua Georgette Update

Here is another update on my progress for my Episode 3 Padme aqua georgette gown. My new goal for completion is March 21st, because I have an event that we are planning on "trooping". I already know the embroidery won't be 100% finished by then, but I want to have as much completed as possible. I've gotten to a suitable "stopping" point for now on the gown embroidery so I am focusing the remainder of my time between now and March 21st on the sleeve/gauntlet embroidery.

Here are some progress images:



*I still haven't washed and ironed the gown, so bear with me!

I have also made good progress on my headband. I have a friend who does resin molding and I asked him to make a mold and pour resin copies of the headband "jewelry" so that all my headband pieces would be uniform. I've recently spent my time cleaning the raw pulls and filling air holes. I have the pieces mounted on the headband form, ready for warm enough weather to spray paint everything.

Here is my original Sculpey mold (seen here with an image of the movie version).

Here are the raw resin pulls before cleaning.

After cleaning, filling, and mounting on the headband form.

Another angle.

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