Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Padme Aqua Georgette Update

After Halloween, I put my Padme aqua georgette gown aside for a while because I needed some time away from it. The beginning of the year, I decided to pick it back up again. Here are pictures of my progress so far:

Gown Front.

The bodice and gown are sewn together now and I am working on the embroidery down the front of the gown where the georgette parts to reveal the satin beneath it. It was necessary for me to sew the gown together before I could embroider it so I could try it on and hem it. It needed to be hemmed to know where to place the embroidery.

Gown Back.

It was necessary to add a bit of width to the bodice, which won't be seen that well once the drape is in place. I began this gown before I became pregnant, now that I am pregnant certain areas of me have become larger, so I needed to accomodate for that on the gown.

Gown Back with Drape (pinned in place).

The drape will also have a bit of embroidery added to it, though I'm leaving that as my very last step, because the gown could be worn without it...it's not a detail that is very easy to see in the movie.

Gown Side with Drape (pinned in place).

Beads and shells. Headband pieces.

A friend of mine cast a Sculpey master sculpt of mine in resin for me so that each piece of the headband jewelry would be identical. I still need to trim, fill, sand, and clean up the resin peices as well as paint them and add the rinestones.

The beads and shells will be used for the arm gauntlets/sleeves. The shells in the movie version of the costume have a "mother of pearl" sheen to them, so I purchased some acrylic pearlizing medium to paint a shimmer on my plain white shells.

*Note, my gown hasn't been ironed yet, it will look much better once I am finished with the embroidery and have had a chance to iron it.

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