Wednesday, May 21, 2008


For her 2nd birthday party, I am making my daughter a Cinderella gown. The theme of her party is going to guessed it: Cinderella!I'm using some satin fabric my Mom gave me from my aunt. I guess my aunt was going to make a dress for my cousin years ago but for one reason or another it never got made. There were about 6½ yards of beautiful blue/aqua satin fabric and several yards of matching blue/aqua lace with scalloped edges.

Our daughter is going to be so cute in this little dress! I can't wait to have it done and put her in it for her birthday party in June. I am using Simplicty 4949 for the pattern:

Though, to make it more like the movie dress, I am leaving off the yoke & collar and the lace at the hem. I am making the sleeves and peplums out of the matching blue/aqua lace, for a cute girly effect even though those dress elements weren't made of lace in the movie version.

Update 6-2-08:

I worked on Anna's Cinderella gown last week for a couple of days. I have it finished except for the zipper, which I haven't purchased yet. Here it is, without the zipper.

I'm sure it will look better when it is being worn. I haven't tried it on her yet, because it still doesn't have the zipper. I made the size 2 for her.

See the dress on our daughter here