Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Phantom Menace Battle Padme

My next commission is a "The Phantom Menace" (TPM) battle Padme outfit. I will be documenting my progress here. I will be placing updates at the top of the post (under the picture of Padme).

This is the costume as seen in the movie:


Update 11-26-08:

I have finished this costume and mailed it out to the client. Below are several finished shots.

The jacket and pants.

Just the jacket, showing the inner lining with trim.

The jacket, showing the fullness of the sleeve.

Side view.

Back view.

Back view, showing fullness of sleeve.

Front view, showing inner sleeve.

Inner sleeve close up.

Pants, with flash, lying flat.

Pants, without flash, lying flat showing side view & trim (the pants are Capri length, requested by my client, to cut down on bulk).

Faux inner sleeves prior to attachment.

Faux inner shirt front prior to attachment.

Pinning the lining to the jacket for hand sewing.


Currently, this costume is on hold, awaiting trim from the client. I have gotten as far as I can without the trim. I have the pants sewn (I'll be adding the trim by hand.), the faux inner shirt, the jacket, and jacket lining are sewn. I need the trim so I can sew it to the lining, then I will be able to sew the lining & jacket together and then sew the faux inner shirt in.

Update: 9-4-08

I've gotten the outer layer of the jacket sewn, with the sleeves and "skirt" sewn on. I have the lining of the jacket sewn together. I also have a good start to the pants, and I expect to have them done (except trim) today. Most of what remains needs to wait until I can attach the trim to the lining of the "skirt" before going forward. Once I get the trim, I'll be able to finish within a week, I expect, if not sooner.
The jacket progress, minus sleeves and back skirt.

The jacket with sleeves and skirt. The sleeve lining is sewn to the curved edge but still needs to be sewn to the shoulder on the inside.

The back of the jacket showing the box pleating on the skirt.

The undersleeves and faux shirt ready to be tacked in place inside the jacket (the extra will be cut off the faux shirt to reduce bulk, once I have it place).


Update: 8-30-08

I got the tucks in the undersleeve fabric sewn in, and then the sleeves cut out. It doesn't seem like a lot of progress, but the tucks take quite a bit of time! I also got the pants, "jacket", and lining cut out and ready to sew. I just need to figure out the faux undershirt that will attach to the jacket and get it cut out. Then, I can start sewing.
Under sleeves in progress.


The costume appears simpler than it actually is, getting the little details to "line up" and look like the movie costume. I've created my own pattern, mostly based off of Butterick's B4688 view B. I used McCall's M4696 view B to help me get the sleeve down, though it really is just a half circle, I could have done the sleeve without a pattern. For the pants and under shirt sleeves, I'm using M4844. I was hoping for a pattern for pants that had a smooth front and elastic in the back, because that is what I suspect the original is, but I could not find one, so I settled for pants that zip in the back.

I tested out my pattern using some 25 cent fabric from Walmart:

This is just a rough mock-up to get the feel for the altered pattern before I cut into the velour that the client purchased. (The original costume is velvet, but to save money, she went with velour purchased from Sy Fabrics.)