Monday, September 15, 2008

Droid Sketch

I've been focusing on costume commissions for over a year, it's time to dust off the art stuff and get sketching! I have a commission for a collage-type drawing featuring as many Star Wars (original trilogy) droids as possible in a sort of "Jawa sand crawler/droids for sale" sort of scene.

Last night, I sat down with my books and chose a droid to sketch out. I will sketch each droid individually and then arrange the individual sketches together. This way, I can arrange, rearrange, etc. until I am satisfied. If I need to take a droid out, or add one, it will be easier with individual sketches. After I'm satisfied with the layout, I'll do a line drawing of all the droids arranged the way I want them. Then, I'll transfer that to good paper, and begin the coloring process (this will be a colored pencil, my specialty).

Here's the first droid:

In my book he's gold, but I will be coloring him silver to match the droid seen in the Jawas' sand crawler when R2 and 3PO were aboard.