Tuesday, November 24, 2009


These are older drawings of mine that I had posted on Geocities. However, Geocities is no longer so I wanted to post them here so I had them up somewhere. These are all colored pencil drawings on paper.

A commission from a fellow R2-D2 Builder:

This was a trade for some very awesome wooden legs and feet for my R2-D2:

This mother/daughter collage was done in anticipation of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" coming to theatres:

Another "TPM Anticipation" mother/daughter collage:

"TPM Anticipation" mother/daughter collage (this Queen Amidala outfit is my absolute favorite Star Wars costume) :

Self-portrait as Rose from "Titanic" in my favorite "Titanic" costume:

The most heart-wrenching commission I've ever done. Little baby Megan was still-born and her mom wanted me to draw her so she appeared like she was clothed & merely sleeping:

A commission by a proud grandma, before her son took his family to the mission field:

A wedding portrait, my husband & I (at our wedding reception):