Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Classic] Battlestar Galactica Artwork

I've started a personal art project, I'm aiming to finish by May 13th. I'm working on classic Battlestar Galactica colored pencil drawings. One drawing will feature Apollo and Starbuck and another will feature Boomer.

I am creating them because I will be going to Motor City Comic Con again this year with the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion. I saw that two of the guests were going to be Richard Hatch (Apollo) and Dirk Benedict (Starbuck), so I started a drawing of Apollo and Starbuck to hopefully have them sign. I recently discovered that Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Boomer) will also be there, so I've started sketching out the line drawing for what will be a colored pencil drawing of Boomer to hopefully have him sign.

Here is my progress so far:

Lt. Boomer

Captain Apollo and Lt. Starbuck