Monday, June 2, 2008

Progress on Senator Amidala Gown

Here is an update on the progress of my Senator Amidala gown. (You can see my original post here.)

I started beading the bodice insert for this gown on Mother's day, May 11th. Here is my progress so far:This represents one tube of my beads. The beads come in an 18 gram tube, so this gives you an idea how many beads/tubes it will take. Of course, there were a few duds, some cracked/broken beads, and I think I probably lost a couple.

Addition: Here is the fabric I picked up for the lower portion of the sleeves and the piping on the velvet outer gown. This will also be used for the beaded "tie" that holds the shawl in place in the back of the gown.

I got it from JoAnn Fabrics in their "silky solids" collection. It is charmeuse in "grape".