Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hoth Pocket Patterns

I had a request for the dimensions of the Hoth Jacket pockets, and I thought others might like to see/use what I came up with.

Here they are (click on the picture for a larger view):


Right Arm Pocket flap: 6" Wide across the top
1 3/4" sides (before it starts to angle)
2 1/2" High from center top to tip of angle

Right Arm Pocket tab slot: 2 1/2" Wide X 2" High (with 1/4" seam allowed)

Right Arm Pocket tab: 1 3/4" W X 2 1/8" H (with 1/4" seam allowed)

Right Arm Pocket: 6 1/4" W X 6 1/8" H

Right Arm Color Blocks "patch": 5" W X 3 1/2" H (with 1/2" seam allowed)
[The color blocks themselves are roughly 1" W X 1/2" H]

Left Arm Pocket: 8 1/4" W X 7 5/8" H

Unless otherwise noted, I have given everything 5/8" seam allowance (for turning under) and 1" hem allowed at the top/opening edges of the Right and Left arm pockets.

The color pattern for the color block patch is:
Each block is grey/silver except the lower left is red and the very center block is blue.

For the full tutorial on the Hoth Rebel Soldier jacket: See Here