Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 Jawas


I was commissioned to sew a set of Jawa costumes for two boys. I put the finishing touches on the robes today.

Like the movie Jawa costumes, the hoods are a separate piece from the robes, fully lined with black fabric, and have a section of wire in the front to hold the hood open, away from the face. Also, like the movie Jawa costumes, the robes do not have separate sleeves, the robe is all one piece of fabric, folded at the shoulders and sewn under the arms and down the sides, in a basic "T" pattern.

(I took some pictures, though my dress forms don't do the robes justice, since they are adult female dress forms and are too big for the male child Jawa robes. However, it gives you a bit of an idea what they'd look like being worn. In the pictures below, black towels were balanced on top of my dress forms to help give the hoods some shape.)