Monday, July 14, 2008

Padme Amidala [Skywalker] Episode 3 Aqua Georgette gown

After finally deciding to go ahead with making this gown, I purchased some georgette fabric and some DMC thread to go along with the blue/aqua satin fabric I already had.

I created my own bodice yoke pattern based off of images found at Padawan's Guide.

I waited until I got to a "stopping point" with my Senator Amidala gown before starting on the embroidery for the aqua georgette. Utilizing images from Padawan's Guide (of course!) I started to trace out the pattern for the Naboo symbols and have begun the process of hand embroidering the georgette.

I began on July 3rd, here is my progress so far:
Lying flat on the table

On the dress form.

To see my original musing on whether to do this gown or not, visit my Ghostbusters post.