Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[Classic] Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica!

Left to right: Apollo, Commander Adama, and Starbuck )
Thanks to RichardHatch.com for the image. (Richard Hatch played Apollo.)


My favorite childhood TV show was Battlestar Galactica. I could hear the theme song in the other room and come running because I knew my show was on! Now that I've grown up, I think it's time to finally make myself a Colonial Warrior/Viper pilot uniform like my two childhood heroes, Starbuck and Apollo, wore.

I started my journey toward figuring out patterns for the uniform at the beginning of the year, but I have gotten bogged down and the passion for it has died out a little. I have a slow-down in commissions at the moment, so I am going to attempt to get the fire going again and get some patterns made up. I know I have quite a few people over at the Dewback Wing who are waiting to see what I come up with! :) Sorry for the delay guys!

I'll post what I come up with here, so keep looking for new info.

Obviously, the two main characters are men and there really isn't a shortage of images of Apollo or Starbuck in uniform. So I was very thankful for the episode "Lost Planet of The Gods" where there were a lot of women in uniform. This helps me quite a bit in creating a uniform to fit a female figure. (I do plan to make a male uniform pattern as well, but for obvious reasons, I want the female version!)

Eventually, when time, money and space permit (he'll have to share space in our house with my 1:1 RC controlled R2-D2), I would absolutely LOVE to make my own 1:1 RC controlled Muffy the "daggit". He was my favorite character when I was little.

Costume Notes:

The Colonial Warrior and Bridge officer uniforms were made out of a fabric called "Butter Suede" which was quite common in the 1970s. The bridge uniform pants and tunic were made of blue butter suede with silver and black trim. The Colonial warrior/Viper pilot uniform tunic and pants were made of tan butter suede with gold and black trim. The Colonial warrior/Viper pilot uniform was also commonly seen with a dark brown butter suede jacket that had leather shoulders and gold buckles.

My first pattern making focus will likely be the Colonial warrior tunic, then I will focus on the pants, and move to the jacket.

Stay "tuned" for more...