Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ghostbuster Update

Another update on the Ghostbuster costume progress. To anyone who doesn't know much about Ghostbusters costumes or props, this won't mean much to you. For anyone who is familiar with it, you'll recognize this as the circuit board in one of the belt do-dads. I finished my husband's circuit board today. Nothing on it started out as anything having to do with circuitry at all, the closest thing is the phone wire I used. This is a collection of found materials I had around the house, nothing was specially purchased. Some of the things include: styrene (left over from R2-D2), Sculpey (I always try to have it around), clear tubes (left over from X-wing flak vests), phone wire (some scraps my husband had), electrical tape, clear plastic (from a hinge container), labels I made myself, aluminum foil, paint, and a lot of imagination!

This will go into a tape measure holder and hang from the belt. I still need to pick up a coiled black cord and attach it to a smaller circuit board before it will be 100% complete.