Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Padme AOTC Packing Gown

Padme's "Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones" Packing Gown:

(Click for larger view)

I have loved this costume since I first saw preview pictures of it before the movie even came out, so it was with delight that I accepted a commission to make the armbands and headpiece jewelry for a woman in Canada. I just finished and mailed them out to her, so I will share the finished pictures (I zipped through the construction of them so fast, I didn't take time to take pictures).

First, some comparison pictures from the real gown. As always, pictures of the actual gown are thanks to Padawan's Guide:
Headpiece jewelry.

Armbands (I noticed that in the museum display, some of the armbands got put on upside down...only a fanatic like me would notice something like that!).

On to my versions, all made using mostly Sculpey III clay:

Headpiece jewelry with flash.

Headpiece jewelry without flash.

Armbands with flash.

Armbands without flash.

Armbands, without flash, lying on table.