Saturday, November 15, 2008

Overdue Ghostbusters Update

I haven't felt well since Halloween, so I've put off an update, but here are a few pictures of the pack build and some pictures of our Halloween party held at my sister's house. My husband went as Ray Stantz, I was a lady ghost, the kids were ghosts, my sister was Dana, her husband was Peter Venkman, their 3 kids were ghosts, my brother was Egon Spengler and his wife was Janine (their kids were various non-Ghostbusters related things).

My husband's pack wasn't 100% finished by the party, but I'd say it was 90% if not more. My brother, who was making the pack for my brother-in-law also, didn't get his packs finished in time. We all still had a lot of fun. The food even matched the theme. We had "proton stream" spaghetti, green Jell-O "slime", Twinkies, and Stay Puft Marshmallow man dessert (Mississippi mud pie cake), along with an awesome veggie pizza my sister Becky made to look like the no ghost symbol!

"Peter", "Egon", and "Ray"

Ready to believe you!

My brother-in-law Dan as Peter, my sister Becky as Dana, and their kids as ghosts.

My husband Jason as Ray, me as a lady ghost, and our kids as ghosts.

I had wanted to wear a Padme gown under the tulle ghost over gown, but I was rushing too fast and making mistakes, so I put it aside and wore a regular dress underneath. It wasn't as nice, but it worked.

My brother Dean as Egon (wearing Jason's pack) and my sister-in-law Lisa as Janine.

The "No-Ghost" logo veggie pizza that my sister made.

The bibs I made for the kids.

One of the key fobs I made.

Various boxes in the build process.

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