Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Royal Guard Layout

I had someone ask me about how I did the robe for the Royal Guard. Here is my quick diagram of the pattern layout I created when making the Royal Guard for a client.

The Return of the Jedi version of the Royal Guard robe opens on the right shoulder. You will basically need 3 pieces to the robe: a Back, a Front, and an Overlap. The Overlap is sewn to the right shoulder of the Back and the Front is sewn at the left shoulder. The front is essentially as full as the back, but it does not get sewn to the right shoulder.

Here is what the 3 pieces should look like sewn together. In the drawing, I've shaded the Overlap with pencil lines to help distinguish it from the other pieces.

The front gets two pleats put in at the neckline, and the right side is anchored to the right shoulder with hooks. I used flat trouser hooks & eyes.

The lining to the robe is done in the same way, except that it is made shorter so that the outer part of the robe sort of "turns under" at the hem. I sewed the robe and lining together at the hem, along the front and overlap, turning it at the neck edge and top-stitching the neck edge closed.

For the inner robe, I used Simplicity 4942 View A.

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