Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Padme Mustafar Update

I have my Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (ROTS) Padme "Mustafar" costume completed now and it has Rebel Legion approval (as formal/canon). Here are some "in progress" pictures and some completed costume pictures:

The finished sleevelets.
These were much easier for me to do since I had already done the sleevelets for my aqua georgette gown and spent a LONG time getting the size just right for my arms when I made them. This time, I was able to use my aqua georgette sleevelets as a template!

Left sleevelet embroidery detail.
This is Padme's signature "Naboo Symbol" seen (in some form or other) on most of her gowns throughout the prequel trilogy. I drew the symbol onto the back of the faux suede and hand-embroidered it using DMC thread.

The "buckle" and broach made from white Primo clay
(after baking, prior to painting).
I used exhibit photos gathered from the Internet (most likely from Padawan's Guide or Kay_Dee's excellent FIDM exhibit gallery) as my template. I printed the image to a size that seemed to be the proper scale (body:buckle ratio)(body:broach ratio), cut them out, placed the cutouts on top of the prepared clay and used a pin to punch through the paper and transfer the design onto the clay (incidentally, this is also how Michelangelo and his assistants transferred the designs onto the Sistine Chapel ceiling...). After I had the basic shape cut out, I began to sculpt it to resemble the actual pieces. I added flowers and stems that I sculpted separately. I also sculpted the triangular details separately and added them to the buckle/broach, along with the flowers & stems, before baking.

Here are the buckle and broach after I painted and "weathered" them.

The harness front, with buckle in place.

The harness back after sewing Velcro on to keep it closed and allow for easy removal.

The entire finished costume (minus sleevelets).


3/4 Front

Left side


Right side

I'm not entirely happy with the wig. It looks too fake in the front at the part line. I'm contemplating adding a braid extension to my own hair now that I found a place that sells extensions that match my hair color.

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